Method to our Madness

from by Angie Lynx

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Strap on your boots
cause baby it’s the space age
We’ve got acid rain creepin through edens gates
Better take cover for the second coming of the big bang,
Now mother earths a junkie
All sick and unclean
Cause all of her rivers
Flow toxic and green
We’ve pumped up our poisons into her blood stream
And paid no heed

And though I know it’s a disgrace
Its not really my place
To pick apart and point out
Whats plaguing this human race
I am steller dust in outer space
And THIS is my escape
And from the beggin bag ladys to the kings so bold
We all come in to this world red, hysterical, and cold
And those cards that we’re dealt and those dice that are rolled
Determine who gets shelfed and who gets sold
Cause we've traded in our hearts
for a full deck of spades
When life gives us lemons we all drown in lemonade

Is there a method to our madness
yeah, Is there a method

So we blare up all our watts
til they flicker on and off
Vertiginous Cosmonauts
Molten greed is piping hot,
And just below the surface
Of this singing dancing circus
We’re sold and bought,
Apocalyptic echos
From these hyroglyphic prose
Don’t mean to be a downer
But it's how the story goes,
We’re dancing with destruction
Suckin on the devils toes

And theres a great flood a comin'
And theres so much to saved
So put on your snorkels
and dig up your caves
You gotta be buoyant
You gotta be brave
You better stay balanced
And ride the waves,
And rise up from the ashes
Through the static and the silence
Through the twisted intestinal tubes of all the violence
Banana peels, bandwagon wheels, picture reels
And corporate eels
You can't blame the weather
For your shitty mood.
In this melting pot
We've all be stewed

Is there a method to our madness?

Exile the city lights and cares
Casting shadows,
Blinding glares
Lie belly up in the grass and stare
Up at the stars
It might be written up there.


from Method To Our Madness, released January 14, 2017



all rights reserved


Angie Lynx Saint Paul, Minnesota

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