from by Angie Lynx

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Police sirens in the background courtesy of Steven Square precinct in minneapolis.
Eerie white noise courtesy of basement apartment ghosts


Sun sneaks up through
the crack in the window shade,
Have I lost my page?
I'm contained
inside this slave wage cave,
Waiting out the rain.
Laughter of shadows
The sky drips like honey down,
Runs into the drain.
I'm tap-dancing
on this thin ice ground
as it melts away..

Auditory Hallucinations
On and out of state vacation..

I've got a funny
feeling in my chest
And my blood runs strange,
Putting my composure to the test
venom in my veins

Down in the murkey marshes
of the mind's louisiana
The smoke of something
brewing, stewing,
bubbling, volcanic.
Will I blow up like the challenger
or sink like the titanic?
I might as well enjoy the ride,
the view is too nice to really panic..

Auditory Hallucinations,
On an out of state vacation..

So will I end up on a park bench
In pajamas
Feeding pigeons,
Writing stanzas
With no shoes on
in the night
finding religions?
cause I'm clammy cold and sweaty
Kicking screaming lucid dreaming
Shred the curtains to confetti
Getting ready for the season

cause sanity snuck out the door
and through the hall
and down the stairs
And torpedoed across the town
But left behind its underwear,
As the clatter of the crooked wheels
that spin inside my head
Drowned out all the music
on the night of the living dead.
This rubble that I wallow in
is moonrock metropolitan,
I teeter like a bowling pin
these hollow walls are swallowing
Settin up the stage, stirrin up the rage
Bring it on like a matador waving the flag

Auditory Hallucinations..
on and out of state vacation..

Sun goes down through
the crack in my window shade
Have I lost my page?


from Method To Our Madness, released January 14, 2017



all rights reserved


Angie Lynx Saint Paul, Minnesota

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